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The London IDC


We are London’s independent PADI Instructor Development team, working with many of the PADI dive centres in and around London. This enables us to offer amazing training with current experience of the most up-to-date requirements for the PADI Instructor Development Course. Training with us will enable you to prepare fully for your PADI Instructor Examination, giving you the confidence that will help you have a successful result.

Another benefit of working with many different centres is that we have a number of options for pools and facilities. We run scheduled PADI IDC Courses as well as many bespoke courses so that you can always find the time to complete your course and follow your dreams of teaching Diving. Our flexibility makes scheduling of your training easier to arrange, allowing us to run our courses to suit your schedules.

We offer the PADI Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor, Instructor Development (AI + OWSI), Specialty Instructor and IDC Staff Instructor courses to enhance your careers as a PADI instructor, as well as Instructor cross-overs if you are changing your training agency to join PADI.

Our experienced team of PADI Instructors have worked all over the world and gained a wide range of skills and knowledge that will help you reach your potential and become a great PADI Instructor. We also have an extensive range of contacts, so we can help you get your foot in the diving industry. During and after your course we will stay in contact with you to help you in your diving career.


For more information and details of courses contact us at info@thelondonidc.co.uk

PADI Instructor Development

We have lots of different PADI IDC packages to fit your needs. To see what we can offer and when our next courses are running please click on the link below.

  • Largest network of job opportunities – PADI Pros have the most opportunities for employment around the world. With 1 million certifications issued each year by 6,500 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world, three out of four dive professional jobs are PADI.
  • Better support – PADI offers the highest levels of specialized member support. Hundreds of staff members around the world and dedicated regional teams are focused on your success.
  • Deeper purpose – PADI’s mission-driven ethos is leading the way toward a healthier ocean. We’re activating millions of divers to explore and protect the ocean. As a PADI Member, you’ll carry the torch in your community and will be recognized for your leadership role in protecting our water planet.
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