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The London IDC offers all types of Professional level PADI courses.
Below is a brief introduction to some of the courses that you can take with the London IDC.

PADI Instructor Development Course

The Key to Living Your Diving Dream, preparing you for success at the PADI Instructor Examination

Do you dream of scuba diving and wish you could share the feeling with others? Why not become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor — one of the world’s most sought-after diving qualifications. It’s your first step in teaching the world to dive. The PADI Instructor Development Course is a globally recognised programme which provides you with skills and knowledge to pass the PADI IE.

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PADI Assistant Instructor Course

Become a PADI Assistant Instructor on Your Doorstep — in Only Four Days. 

Dream of becoming a PADI Instructor but time is limited? The PADI Assistant Instructor Course is the first step. It builds on developing skills and knowledge already learnt in the Divemaster course and introduces teaching and skill evaluation techniques.

After qualifying as an AI you need to complete the OWSI prior to attending the IE.

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For PADI Assistant Instructors who are ready to take the next step as well as Instructors from other training agencies crossing-over to PADI.

Already a PADI AI and ready to take the next step towards the IE and becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor?

Or if you are an Instructor with another training organization and wanting to crossover to PADI.

Then this is the course for you.

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PADI Instructor Specialty Courses

Share your passion and teach more aspects of diving beyond the core programme.

Why did you become a scuba instructor? To only teach open water students? As rewarding as core PADI courses are to teach, you probably also occasionally enjoy a little more adventure — maybe deep diving or exploring wrecks. If this sounds like you, you can share the adventure with your students by becoming a PADI Speciality Instructor. 

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EFR Instructor Course

Help create “The Confidence to Care”! A prerequisite of becoming a PADI Instructor as well as a great course to be able to teach.

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course is not just required to become a PADI Instructor. It is also a fantastic way to give back to the community by teaching others how to provide first aid — that could ultimately save someone’s life. 

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PADI IDC Staff Course

This course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the Instructor Development process and prepares you to shape the next generation of PADI Professionals.

Do you need a new challenge in your diving career? If you are looking to continue your dive instructor education, the PADI Staff Instructor Course furthers your professional level teaching abilities and allows you to teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses.

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